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Tone Poem continues

The more time goes by, the more remarkable I find it that there is so much more work to do on this composition.  Even some of the sections I considered relatively "completed," as I give it time and listen to it later on I get to approach it with a more critical ear (instead of, as Stephen King comments in his memoirs "On Writing,") as my baby.
The beginning section to me still seems pretty complete, although the fanfare's return I am hoping to alter in such a way to give it familiarity and yet variety at the same time, so that the listener (if they are as musically nerdy as I can be at times) will think:  "Oh, this is that fanfare motive from before, only it has been altered so the rhythm is doubled but with diminution!" If they are not as nerdy as me, they might just think:  "Oh, that's a cool new way to do that thing I heard before!"
The "Come Follow Me" section seems to need a few things to give it a more rich and a full sou…