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New Facebook, Pinterest, and Website

In an effort to get my music more visible, I've created a new wix website to organize the different pieces I've been arranging and publishing.  Eventually, this will take the place of the page on this blog for string arrangements.  For now, I'll keep both up to hopefully start selling some of these arrangements to give me more time to spend working on new arrangements and new compositions.  Check out the new website:

Rohwer Music Studios

I've also created a facebook page and a pinterest board to help promote my music.  Check them out!

Rohwer Music Studios on Facebook

Rohwer Music Studios String Quartet Sheet Music on Pinterest

Soon to come over the summer months:

-An article on the Problem Solving Process for Practicing
-New free resources for teachers and students
-An Update on Minerva (to be premiered June 1!)
-News on the Music Theory for Composition course