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What is the beginning point of being a great teacher? Love your subject, love the students.

I've recently been debating with myself what defines the best teachers and the most successful teachers.  While I have been an a quest to get better as a music teacher, I keep seeing much success with my current studio.  I'm grateful for the job and for the number of students I've had, and I appreciate earning the income for my family.  I also find myself confused at the success, as I know that the other violin teachers have more experience and better credentials.  Not to say that the other teachers aren't successful, but I have been confused about the great success that I have had despite the lack that I have in some areas.

Thinking about this, I came to realize that I love what I do.  I love music, I love playing, and I love the students that came in.  I get excited about teaching different ideas and concepts and about playing music.  When we talk about music, I'll often be saying things like:  "Mozart is awesome!" or "Isn't shifting so cool!&q…

14 Week Music Theory for Composition Course Update: Videos

In the midst of starting to get lots of students again, and taking care of young kids, and general life craziness, I've managed to get a few of the videos for the 14 week music theory course.  Two of the first week videos are now finished, and a couple more should be done pretty soon.  Here is the 1st video:

The example videos are in the comments for this video.  Some more videos to come soon will be more about the structure of the class generally, but then we'll start delving into more of the theory elements, and about the composition assignments that will help understand the theory that we talk about.

The goal of the course is to be able to write some simple songs with harmony, so if you're interested in writing, follow along with the videos, and let me know what you come up with.  Also, let me know any thoughts you have on this video and any others we post, as this is going to be a completely new course and curriculum.  :)

13-14 Week Music Theory for Composition Course

I've been working at the Utah Conservatory to put together a music theory class that is designed to help kids use theory right away in making compositions.  More updates on this as they come along, but part of my intention is to make many of the resources available online for the students to use.  My goal is to start anyone out with note reading and build up from their so that anyone who has sang or played an instrument can start to learn the theory that will allow them to write some basic and simple songs.  It's a lofty goal, and I think it is one that will help me refine the class structure.

More updates on this class as they come.