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Many of these resources are things that I created for my students after recognizing a need for supplements to the materials that I had.  I'm on a limited budget and I like to create my own materials if it can save me from needing to buy them or making a student have to buy them.  As a forewarning, not all of these resources are of the high quality I usually strive for, as some of them I prepared for a lesson later that day and not necessarily for use later on.

Scales and Arpeggios:
(This section under construction)

Etudes and Songs:

Are You Sleeping? (Frere Jacques)
What Would You Do With a Tired Sailor?

Classical Music Transcriptions:
In order to have useable files of public domain classical pieces which both I can my students can use, I've started transcribing many different classical pieces and creating recordings for student use.  Here are a few of the files from these projects:

Bach Cello Suites for Viola (PDF's)
Bach Cello Suites for Viola on YouTube:

(This section under construction)

Noteflight Accompaniments:

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Other Accompaniments:

Canon in D, Transcribed for Viola:

(Download for iPod, iPad, and other Apple users)

Piano Accompaniment Only:

(Download for iPod, iPad, and other Apple users)

Zelda Theme:

Resources for Purchase

These resources are available for purchase.  They are higher quality than the free resources, and they are projects that I have spent many years working on to help in my own personal studio.


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