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Many of these resources are things that I created for my students after recognizing a need for supplements to the materials that I had.  I'm on a limited budget and I like to create my own materials if it can save me from needing to buy them or making a student have to buy them.  I'm in the process of editing many of these resources so that they can be as high of quality as I can make them.  Any suggestions for improvement are highly appreciated.

Scales and Arpeggios:

Note:  as a violinist and violist, I'm not as familiar with standard cello fingerings.  As such, these fingerings are ones that I've worked out and feel comfortable with, but may not be the easiest way of fingering these patterns.

1 Octave Scales/Arpeggios:
C Major
D Major
E-flat Major
E Major
F Major
G Major
A Major
B-flat Major (fingerings currently missing for upper octave B-flat arpeggios)

Full Packet

Free Songs with PDF and Accompaniments:

Supplement Songs (currently under development):

Etudes and Songs:

Dotzauer No. 1

Resources for Purchase

These resources are available for purchase.  They are higher quality than the free resources, and they are projects that I have spent many years working on to help in my own personal studio.

(Under Construction)

Other Educational Resources


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