3 Works

I've started putting work back into three different compositions that have been on hold for a bit.

The oldest is the string quartet I started back in 2009, of which I only have the first movement fully written.  I've started and restarted the lyrical movement (not even 100% sure if it will be the 2nd or 3rd movement yet, although I've been leaning towards 3rd lately).  I've been debating the form of the movement also.  DaCapo Aria seems most likely, although I've also thought about Theme and Variations, and also about no form in particular, more through-composed.  As work progresses, I'll feel this movement out and will see what feels most appropriate.

The next work is the 2nd movement of my Piano Sonata in A Minor.  This second movement I wanted to start in F Major so I could use the B-flat to A motive from the first movement at the beginning to help tie this movement in with the 1st.  With the first movement, I wanted to depict grief and fear.  With the 2nd, my hope is to portray the comfort for that grief and fear.  The 3rd I had originally planned to be a cynical, quirky kind of joy, depicting not resolution but the illusion of resolution.  I'm thinking more now of a somber but triumphant third to really tie in Gospel principles:  grief, comfort, and then joy in the Atonement of Christ.

The last works is a continuation of work on the Symphonic Poem I started a while back.  The main section I continue to work on is my "Sunrise" section, which I have parodied some of the themes and ideas from my Viola Quintet, also titled "Sunrise."

Updates on the progress of these works are hopefully soon to come!  :)


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