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Tone Poem Work: a glorious arrival

Work on the tone poem continues.  I have the first 14 or so measures finished, except maybe some orchestral tweaking.  Just working on a melodic section after the beginning.  After this beginning section, there should be a more quite and subdued and almost haunting section, which leads into an angry and frightening, followed by sorrowful, and finally glorious and triumphant.

Waltz: Score Draft

Put the finished Waltz into Finale.  Edited a few problems, added specific articulations and bowings.  Will soon add fingerings and other items to help make the sheet music a little easier for students.  Also going to go through the process of cleaing up the score and parts to look good in format and layout and everything.  I think it turned out well.
I made it into a 5-part Rondo.  The A sections are in D Major, the B in A Major, and the C in d minor.  There are a few more complex bits for the strings, but I think it is overall a pretty do-able piece.  No major string crossing things for any of the strings, and the melody gets passed around most of the orchestra.  Except to the basses: sorry guys.