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Sight Reading Pages: My quest to help students learn to read music

I've recently updated my music education section with sight reading exercises for Violin.  I use these pretty regularly with students who are on the point of being able to read notes to start them out with some very short and simple things to play to help them read lots of the same notes over and over again. These pages, in conjunction with the All for Strings books by Gerald Anderson and Robert Frost, have been a great way to help beginning students with their note reading skills.

They're still a work in progress, and the eventual goal will be to get them to the point where they can be stuck in a book for beginning students to use as daily warm-ups for note reading.  The pdf's on this sight are still in their early stages and need some refinement, but you can feel free to use them as you wish.  All of these resources will eventually also be made for use with Viola and Cello in the near future.  Here is the Link:  Educational Resources for Violin

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