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New Stuff!

Yay!!  New content on my blog!  There is now a list of compositions, one containing a link to the 1st movement of my string quartet on YouTube. (Hey, look at that, there's even a link in this post).

Tone Poem

I decided yesterday morning that a major project I would like to embark upon will be a tone poem.  This will give me a chance to have a more free-form setting in which to explore the use of an orchestra and to stretch my capability as a composer into the realms of romanticism which I would like to be better fluent in.  I am excited!
More than that I will share later, and other great things soon enough!  (currently, my internet access is limited, so more later might be a little bit in coming).

Beginning Post

As a beginning post to this Web Log, I wish to say . . . ugh, welcome to my web log.  I hope through this to chronicle some of my composition efforts, as well as to make available my compositions to the public.  I hope to expand this soon to include my composition efforts, completed works, and perhaps even some performances of my compositions.