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Upcoming Book, and New Violin Supplement Songs Packets and MP3 Files

A few updates coming up soon:

The first is a new book that will soon be published for violin, viola, and cello students.  This will have exercises, rhythms, scales, practice technique, theory, etc. so that I can have a resource that I can use with students, organized in a format that I feel will be of most benefit.  More on this another time!

The other big update is with the supplement songs I've been writing for students.  During the process of working with my students and helping them learn how to read music, I've been writing a bunch of little songs to help make learning note reading on the violin much quicker and easier for students.  For this process, I have been both creating packets for students and doing some recording work.  The first 3 packets of songs, both the PDF's and the MP3's, are now available online for perusal and use.  To find these resources, click on the following link:

Supplement Songs

With the MP3's, my hope is that students will feel comfort…