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Waltz Finished

Just finished up the rough draft on the Waltz today:  Hoorah!! Going to put it into Finale(r) soon and see what changes need to be made.  YAY!

Symphonic Poem Update

Thinking and mulling over things, I have sketched out my mind some of a section of my Symphonic Poem.  This section will have a very rhythmic, almost military march-like quality in the strings (perhpas col legno?), but in changing meters so that it feels disjunct.  This will be to have a sense of order underlying the section, yet chaotic and almost "disorderly order."  This will be punctuated with occasional sharp sforzando chord clusters in a very nature-like manner (like Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring"). Over the strings in their disjointed march will be a fearful, depressed melody in the low brass.

My intent with this section is to depict sorrow and terror, and I think the low brass melody, with the constant rhythmic drive in the strings with the prodding and stabbing sforzandos will depict this accurately.

Viola Quintet: finished final draft

My Viola Quintet is finished! Hoorah!  I have even got it printed up all nice and neat and everything.  I'm hoping to have it performed in maybe this or the next Student Composer's Recital on campus.  I'll have to see what happens.