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Stairway to Heaven

A few nights ago, I decided I would arrange Led Zepplin's Stairway to Heaven for full orchestra as just a fun project to try out some orchestration ideas.  I'm super excited!!! It'll be way fun. :)

String Quartet: Lyrical Movement

I started again (probably for the 6th time) on the lyrical movement for the string quartet I started back in 2010.  The main theme is based in the hymn "Lead Kindly Light," and I feel that I finally have a beginning I feel comfortable with.  Now I just have to get a middle and an end that I feel comfortable with.
The beginning starts out slowly with just Cello Viola and uses the basic rhythmic form from the first movement of half note, quarter, quarter in common time.  Violins join in the second measure to thicken the harmonies, and then the theme repeats in the 2nd violin with 1st violin underneath in harmony and cello the same, with viola creating a simple flowing movement of eighth note slured figures.  After the theme ends (more strong ending, but still an imperfect authentic cadence), something will happen.  That's where I'm at now, and need to figure out.  But it feels great to be back composing!!

Tone Poem continues

The more time goes by, the more remarkable I find it that there is so much more work to do on this composition.  Even some of the sections I considered relatively "completed," as I give it time and listen to it later on I get to approach it with a more critical ear (instead of, as Stephen King comments in his memoirs "On Writing,") as my baby.
The beginning section to me still seems pretty complete, although the fanfare's return I am hoping to alter in such a way to give it familiarity and yet variety at the same time, so that the listener (if they are as musically nerdy as I can be at times) will think:  "Oh, this is that fanfare motive from before, only it has been altered so the rhythm is doubled but with diminution!" If they are not as nerdy as me, they might just think:  "Oh, that's a cool new way to do that thing I heard before!"
The "Come Follow Me" section seems to need a few things to give it a more rich and a full sou…

Major Work on Tone Poem (w/ a link!)

I've finished major work through the first 2 sections of my tone poem which are now finished except for some revisions.  There's also a little of the next section written.  Here's the link to what's been written so far on youtube:

Tone Poem work continues!!

Have more of the beginning section finished for my tone poem.  I've nearly finished the fanfare-like opening. just a little more melodic work plus looking over some doublings and some other small details (like possible colorations through adding simple contrapuntal lines in the brass and/or winds), and I will have finished the first section and will continue work on the second that it leads into, 3/4 melody.

I'm also working out a little more of the order of a few later sections, and thinking and pondering about the Shostakovich-esque/quasi serialist and strange rhythm section depicting uncertainty and fear.


Just realized I'd already posted an update about the Tone Poem a few days before.  Hugh.  Well, that's okay.  One describes the same thing in a different way.  And that's okay, right?

Tone Poem Update

Working on the beginning section of the tone poem still, trying to get the orchestrations and a few other ideas worked out for it.
Also, after listening to Mozart's Kyrie from the Great Mass in C Minor and the Kyrie from his Requiem Mass, I've realized I would like a fugal section to portray a certain sadness and anguish and confusion that can only be portrayed through this Palestrinia-like fugal play of ideas.

Tone Poem

Added some more to the beginning of my tone poem.  I also realized as I listended to Mozart's Kyrie from Missa in C Minor, as well as the Kyrie from the Requeim Mass and a few other fugal passages that I'd like to include a fugal section in this to portray some 'mixed up anguish' is the best way to describe it.

Hobbs Middle School in Shelley

Got to go down to Shelley and play with Mrs. Loveland's orchestra from Hobbs Middle School.  Way fun!  I enjoyed hearing them play a composition of mine, and it was an enjoyable experience for me.  Hope to do it again sometime!

Middle School Visit and Waltz to be Performed

Got to go to Hobbs Middle School in Shelley last Thursday, 15 March 2012.  I got into the classroom and a couple of the kids said:  "You're here!" in quavering, excited voices.  It was the cutest thing ever, and made me feel great!  Great group of kids, and they did a great job with all of their music.  Mrs. Loveland was great about everything, and has a great class!

This Thursday, 22 March, I get to go to Shelley High School and perform with the Hobbs Middle School as they premier my composition for string orchestra, "Waltz."  It'll be a lot of fun, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my music with the community and to help out a school.

Tone Poem Work: a glorious arrival

Work on the tone poem continues.  I have the first 14 or so measures finished, except maybe some orchestral tweaking.  Just working on a melodic section after the beginning.  After this beginning section, there should be a more quite and subdued and almost haunting section, which leads into an angry and frightening, followed by sorrowful, and finally glorious and triumphant.

Waltz: Score Draft

Put the finished Waltz into Finale.  Edited a few problems, added specific articulations and bowings.  Will soon add fingerings and other items to help make the sheet music a little easier for students.  Also going to go through the process of cleaing up the score and parts to look good in format and layout and everything.  I think it turned out well.
I made it into a 5-part Rondo.  The A sections are in D Major, the B in A Major, and the C in d minor.  There are a few more complex bits for the strings, but I think it is overall a pretty do-able piece.  No major string crossing things for any of the strings, and the melody gets passed around most of the orchestra.  Except to the basses: sorry guys.