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Weekly Warm-Ups?

Having lacked time and energy, my plan to weekly spend time writing at least part of something fun as a warm-up to stretch my composing abilities has suffered considerably.  However, things have somewhat settled down and I've been able to do some composing and have a new short snippet to post, and here it is:


My goal with this was two-fold:
1) Write something in a compound meter (something which I haven't used quite as often).  In this case, I used 6/8

2) Write something that is happy, fun, and light-hearted (something I also haven't done as often, at least lately)

The result I felt was quite pleasing.  What I tried to do to add to that light-heartedness was to make the tempo very jaunty and almost dance-like.  I also used a lot of chromatic non-harmonic tones to help add to the almost silly feeling.   I originally had the melody in the Viola (partly from personal bias, partly from necessity), but felt that brass could more effectively portray that silly and …