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Tone Poem work continues!!

Have more of the beginning section finished for my tone poem.  I've nearly finished the fanfare-like opening. just a little more melodic work plus looking over some doublings and some other small details (like possible colorations through adding simple contrapuntal lines in the brass and/or winds), and I will have finished the first section and will continue work on the second that it leads into, 3/4 melody.

I'm also working out a little more of the order of a few later sections, and thinking and pondering about the Shostakovich-esque/quasi serialist and strange rhythm section depicting uncertainty and fear.


Just realized I'd already posted an update about the Tone Poem a few days before.  Hugh.  Well, that's okay.  One describes the same thing in a different way.  And that's okay, right?

Tone Poem Update

Working on the beginning section of the tone poem still, trying to get the orchestrations and a few other ideas worked out for it.
Also, after listening to Mozart's Kyrie from the Great Mass in C Minor and the Kyrie from his Requiem Mass, I've realized I would like a fugal section to portray a certain sadness and anguish and confusion that can only be portrayed through this Palestrinia-like fugal play of ideas.