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Minerva: Park City High School Symphony for Strings 1st Movement finished

After watching a concert with the Park City High School's Chamber Orchestra, I felt inspired by one of the students who created a string orchestra arrangement of music from the movie "Howl's Moving Castle."  I asked the orchestra director if I could write an original piece for his class, and he consented.  I started working on it over Thanksgiving break and finished it up just a few days ago (minus minor editing).   Here is the SoundCloud link:

There have been lots of great things I've learned from this experience.  For me, this is the fastest I've ever put together a piece of this magnitude, and it has been such a refreshing feeling to finish something I've worked on.

One of the great things that I decided to do as I worked on this project was to have a deadline.  None was given to me by the orchestra teacher, but I knew that the group would appreciate having it sooner rather than later, so I set the deadline as the end of February.

Having the push to ge…