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Da CAPO Youth Program

Since taking over a small private orchestra program for youth, I've expanded the repertoire and the original philosophy.  I'm excited to announce that this coming school year I'll be launching the class with this updated philosophy and with a new name:  the Da CAPO Youth Program.  This stands for the "Collaborative Artist's Progressive Orchestra."  The overall philosophy is to collaborate together to create better music and better artistic experiences.

You can check out the new Da CAPO page at the following address:

Da CAPO Resources Wix Page

You can also check out the resources for the class at the following address:

Da CAPO Resources Blog Page (Most Updated)

I'm very excited for the changes that are coming this school year!  More chances to work with local music students and art students in general, as well as professional musicians, dancers, etc.  We'll be starting an program branch in Bountiful when we receive enough enrollment in the class.  We'…