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The Problem-Solving Practice Process

One of my hobbies is computer programming.  One of the things I love about programming is the problem-solving process involved with making a program work correctly.  I started trying to figure out programming in High School and finally made a working game about 2-3 years later.  Each time I would go through the debugging process, I could eventually figure out something that would make the program work a little better.  Sometimes it was an easy fix such as to change where I put certain bits of code.  Sometimes it would take longer, completely reworking the code.  But even if it was frustrating, it was very logical, and if I kept at it I could come up with a solution.

I have recently started trying to incorporate that logical approach into my own playing.  I realized that I treated playing music more as an artist:  thinking of it as a magical thing when I got a piece learned and was able to perform it well.  In teaching music, I've been finding that this cannot be the case:  student…