Symphonic Poem Update

Thinking and mulling over things, I have sketched out my mind some of a section of my Symphonic Poem.  This section will have a very rhythmic, almost military march-like quality in the strings (perhpas col legno?), but in changing meters so that it feels disjunct.  This will be to have a sense of order underlying the section, yet chaotic and almost "disorderly order."  This will be punctuated with occasional sharp sforzando chord clusters in a very nature-like manner (like Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring"). Over the strings in their disjointed march will be a fearful, depressed melody in the low brass.

My intent with this section is to depict sorrow and terror, and I think the low brass melody, with the constant rhythmic drive in the strings with the prodding and stabbing sforzandos will depict this accurately.


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