String Quartet: Lyrical Movement

I started again (probably for the 6th time) on the lyrical movement for the string quartet I started back in 2010.  The main theme is based in the hymn "Lead Kindly Light," and I feel that I finally have a beginning I feel comfortable with.  Now I just have to get a middle and an end that I feel comfortable with.
The beginning starts out slowly with just Cello Viola and uses the basic rhythmic form from the first movement of half note, quarter, quarter in common time.  Violins join in the second measure to thicken the harmonies, and then the theme repeats in the 2nd violin with 1st violin underneath in harmony and cello the same, with viola creating a simple flowing movement of eighth note slured figures.  After the theme ends (more strong ending, but still an imperfect authentic cadence), something will happen.  That's where I'm at now, and need to figure out.  But it feels great to be back composing!!


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