Orchestral Suite

I thought I might create a blog entry with some extra insights into my inspirations, and so I've added some links to allow the reader also to listen to the inspirations for this piece.

I've started a new composition that has taken inspiration from several classical Eras and many varying composers:  Mozart, J.S. Bach, Shostakovich, Dvorak, and Stravinsky to name a few.

While playing in the Christmas Concerto concert for the Idaho Falls Symphony, conductor Thomas Heuser commented that the Stravinsky piece we were playing was inspired by Bach.  I decided that a composition I had started (and was unsure how to continue) would be a perfect opportunity to try some of the French Overture styles employed by Bach in his orchestral suites, especially with the cool double-dotting technique that would add a march-like feel to my pieces.  I decided a Neo-Romantic, Quasi-Baroque style would fit my piece well.

While working on the first movement, based on the form of Bach's orchestral suites and patterned at least loosely on the third orchestral suite, overture, I have thus far been pondering mostly on a slow Grave tempo opening, majestic in it's funeral-like feel (taken in part from Mozart's Masonic Funeral Music, K. 477).  It is also based on Shostakovich's Symphony No. 5 Lyrical Movment, Movement 3, Largo, in it's erie quality in the opening.  Shortly after the grave opening will be a fugue, as per the Prelude and Fugue form for orchestral suites.

Here is the result so far:
Orchestral Suite, Overture (as of 11 January 2013).


  1. New work on the Orchestral Suite has come up with this:


    If you listen along, you can hear the Kyrie in this piece! That is because another inspiration for this is the Kyrie from Mozart's Great Mass in C Minor. There will probably be a "Soprano" solo (played by solo violin) shortly after the current section.


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