Unique source for Inspiration

I was at work this morning, and there was one of the loaders who had some music on.  I wasn't too thrilled with it (especially rap, which I have yet to be a fan of), but I started to hear some of the unique ways in which they used subtle, low bass notes to emphasize portions of what they were rapping about.  The first thing that I thought was how much goes into making quality music, and-whether I like the music or not-how much I can learn from all different kinds of music.
For example, I have been trying to write some music for video games and I take a lot of my inspiration for these from 80's techno styles and other rock sources.  The way many pop music artists construct their music is done in such a way to make it catchy and able to be listened to over and over again without people getting tired of it.  This is exactly what you need for music in games:  something people will like listening to again and again without thinking of it as annoying, and something catchy that they can hum when they're at work and think:  "That's from that one game.  I want to go home and play it!"
Something definitely to think about:  what possibly valuable music sources am I dismissing and from which I could potentially learn quite a lot?


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