Soundtrack Practice: Bi-Monthly Attempts at Weekly Warm-ups

Hey Everyone!

Hoping to get back into the weekly warm-up routine now that some things have settled down a bit.  Tommy's playing more by himself, I'm working a little less and have a bit more free time, and so I hope to get back to doing some more composing soon.  My first attempt at getting back into it was finishing this soundtrack practice.  This was originally intended for a video on YouTube.  I e-mailed the author to see if I could have the soundtrack be used for his video.  I never heard back, but kept working on it because it was still good practice.  I may create my own video now that will fit with the music but we shall see on that.  Here it is:

Some more things to come soon:
-A new hymn arrangement:  "Come Follow Me"
-More warm-up updates
-A new approach to composing which will hopefully yield at least one movement of a Symphony
-A small method book for violin that should be available for purchase through the Piano Gallery in Idaho Falls

Hope to send more updates soon!


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