Major Updates to Supplement Songs page

Recently, I've started a project to help students' note reading skills and their fundamental technique.  My goal has been to supplement the Suzuki method books with small, easy to learn songs that-practiced on a regular basis-increase a student's ability to recognize note patterns and such thing as skips, string crossings, rhythm variation, etc.  These are all going to be free for a while as I work on increasing the number of these little songs.  My goal is to have hundreds of these songs so that students can play lots of music at a very basic level.

As of a few days ago, all of the songs that I've finished are now up on the blog!  There are about 20 of these so far, and I've refined the process of how I go about putting them together, which means that they will be easier to put up in the future.  If you are a violin teacher or a parent of a violin student, feel free to download as many of the MP3s and PDFs as you'd like.  I'd only ask that you let me know how they are working and if you have any suggestions for improvement.

You can find the supplement songs here:

Supplement Songs Page

You can also find other violin, viola, and cello literature I've been putting together:

Rohwer Music Studios
String Arrangements
Educational Materials
Violin and Viola Arrangements (Sacred and Religious)


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