Violin & Viola Arrangments

Here are some arrangements for Violin, Viola, Cello, and String Quartet!  Some are hymn arrangements, some are folk, some are pop, some are classical.
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Virtual Orchestras!

Learn the music and playing along with a full virtual orchestra on YouTube:

Find the sheet music on the Da CAPO Youth Program Resources Page:

Hymn Arrangements

  • Come Thou Fount (String Quartet)
An easy string quartet version of the beautiful hymn "Come Thou Fount."  Put in a friendly key with bowings and slurrings added for ease.


This Trio was written for a Night of Music in our Stake.  Each instrument has the melody at some point, and the each verses changes slightly to help feel like something new is being played.

Violin I
Violin II

  • O Come, O Come Emmanuel
A violin solo with piano accompaniment.  An overall easy piano part and a friendly key for violin make this a great addition to sacrament meetings, devotionals, etc., especially around Christmas time.


A duet with piano accompaniment, this arrangement has 2 violins (or other instruments - I played my viola with my wife on oboe for a sacrament meeting), with simple parts, but beautiful harmonies.  Piano part a little more challenging, but still overall quite manageable.  An excellent choice for a short musical number.  Comments from the congregation were, in fact, mostly that they wished there were more of it.  Written most especially for younger players.

2 Violins with Piano Accompaniment:

Violin and Viola with Piano Accompaniment:
  • Follow the Prophet
    A duet of "Follow the Prophet" for two violins, violin and viola, or two soprano instruments.  I wrote this for my wife and I to play at my Nephew's baptism.  Violin I has some either shifting or some extensions, but very manageable to play.

    Viola (Optional in place of Violin II)
    • More Holiness Give Me
    A violin solo with Harp or Piano Accompaniment.  With a quiet simplicity, this is an excellent choice for a sacred setting.

    • The Lord is My Shepherd (String Quartet)
    An easy string quartet version of the beautiful hymn "The Lord is my Shepherd" transcribed from the hymn.  Put in a friendly key with bowings and slurrings added for ease.

    Other Arrangements

    Currently in the Process of Consolidation:  For now, check out the pop/folk/classical pages:

    String Arrangements
    Rohwer Music Studios Page (Even More Arrangements!)


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