I wanted to update my blog with music players and cool stuff like that, and I was killing myself trying to figure out how to use Google Drives to put an mp3 on my blog. (There's a way to do it, trust me, but it's beyond me) In my research I found out a really cool site: OpenDrive.
Not only can I store my mp3's there, they even have the code I can put in my blog to embed the mp3 files so I can have a cool little player with it. Pretty nifty! Anyone looking for how to put music on their blogs, I would highly recommend OpenDrive. Here's all you have to do:

1) Upload your mp3 to OpenDrive.
2) Right click on the file and click on links
3) Copy the HTML embed code given by OpenDrive
4) In your blog, webpage, etc. go to where you would like to put your player (make sure you are in HTML mode) and paste the HTML embed code
5) In some cases, you may need to also add formatting stuff, like a line break: <br />    This will help keep things looking nice.  :)

What you end up getting is something like this:

You can see the results of this along the side of my blog with the first movement of my Piano Sonata. You can also see it in my Composition Lists page which will be updated along with the little player on my main page.  Pretty neat stuff!  Great way to add an mp3 file to your blogger blog.


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