Missal Orchestral Suite: Gloria (2nd Movement) Begun!

I've just started the 2nd movement of the Missal Orchestral Suite:  a Gloria section.  I'm thinking right now that it will start with trumpet and brass fanfare to introduce a glorious and lively 2nd movement, especially in contrast to the somber and at times very dark first movement.

I'm thinking of imitating the styles from some of Mozart's Glorias for this particular movement, although I would like to add some of the thicker, dark, and rich texture from the first movement.

Some examples of styles I'll try and imitate:
Gloria from Mozart's Coronation Mass
Gloria from Mozart's Great Mass in C Minor

Finale from Beethoven's Symphony No. 9
Shubert's Unfinished Symphony
Gustav Mahler's 3rd Symphony

The idea is that I would like something in nature like the church music of the 18th Century, but with more textures like the Romantic Era, darker and richer.

More updates on the suite as I get working!  :)


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