Delving into different styles: music for video games

I've been doing some work exploring different styles to add to my video game music section.  The results can be seen on that page, but I wanted to highlight one piece I just finished.

I wanted to make a catchy tune that gamers could enjoy listening to and wasn't too repetitive.  I also wanted to write the piece so it has an ending, but so that it could also loop if a game programmer decided that that's what they would like for it to do.  The result is this:

I tried to go by instinct and the small smattering of knowledge I have of rock/jazz stuff, but I think the result is nice, and I feel something that could be listened to a lot but not get too annoying.  Overall, I feel it was a success.  It was nice too, since I've been a bit burnt out since I finished the Overture to the Missal Suite (that, and working 2 jobs and teaching students has worn me out a bit too).  It was just nice to finish something, and do something fun with composing, especially something lower stress that I didn't feel needed to be a masterpiece.

If you want to check out some of the MIDI files I've got for video games, you can go to this page here:
Free MIDI Music


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