Infernal Galop (Can-Can)

I have been putting together some arrangements for my students in the Summer, and for the orchestra class I've put together a string quartet arrangement of The Infernal Galop, commonly known as the Can-Can, by Offenbach.  All of the parts are put together, and we should be playing it for summer time.  I also put together a recording of it so that my students can have something that they can listen to in preparation, and here it is:

The Infernal Galop (Can-Can) by Jacques Offenbach

As I put together more arrangements I hope to keep putting recordings and eventually make the parts and scores available to by for any string teachers who might be interested.  Other arrangements soon to be put up here:

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Garland Waltz, also by Tchaikovsky (I have a student who loves Tchaikovsky)

I also put together a violin solo with piano accompaniment of the Garland Waltz that is a little longer than the string quartet arrangement.  All of these will hopefully be up here on the blog sometime this summer.


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