Supplemental Beginner Songs

 A quick update to the blog:  I'm beginning to put together a bunch of little supplemental songs to help young beginning students with note reading and technique skills.  They are going to have silly titles and will address one or two technique or note reading issues at a time to help offset some of the basic problems I've been finding come up with students as they try to learn violin.  The supplemental songs page is still under development, but we be available through my education page (currently just for Violin, but eventually other instruments as well) so these resources can start to be used by students right away.

They are designed to be bigger in size to make it easier to read, and are going to have little accompaniment files to go with them so the student can hear the melody and play along.  These resources will eventually be published in a booklet, but for now I am making them available up here for free so that I can get some feedback from teachers and parents alike.

Two things I'd ask from you if you decide to utilize these resources:  1) Leave comments on the Supplement Songs page where these songs will be posted about your experience with these:  what was beneficial, what do you think could be better, or even just a "thank you." 2)  Share with other teachers who you think could use these resources with their students.

If you follow my blog, I will be posting new articles about my experiences with the supplement songs and any time I add a new selection of them.

I'm excited to embark on this experiment to improve music education and provide new resources for beginning students, and excited for help and feed back as I do so!  Thanks everyone!


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